People’s Experiences

An Amazing and Priceless Gift – Steve’s Experience

Spiritual Experiences in Childhood Growing up, I had some very interesting experiences that for a long time I could not understand. I remember one time experiencing being very conscious while playing a game with my friends and having a clarity about my perception of watching my friends running around playing, things seemed to occur in slow motion, where I really felt that moment in a much deeper sense as if it was in high definition as I observed the game we were playing. In my late teens an interesting event occurred where I naturally astral projected. It was a short experience but it was intriguing stuff that seemed very mystical and magical; it inspired me greatly to look for a deeper meaning to life. I also had very lucid dreams in the astral around the time of the astral projection where I met people and saw some amazing things. I didn't know what these experiences were back then but those later lucid astral experiences were very inspiring and filled me full of wonder. Developing an Interest in Spirituality Before that I also remember my elder brother and especially his fiancée talking about spirituality, love and even that there was a [...]

Triumph over Fear through Self-Knowledge – Layla’s Experience

The self-knowledge information in the Searching Within Course has been the most important self-development learning I have come across. When I first started looking to learn about myself I never knew that I would have found the answers in spirituality, but since learning about this self-knowledge information it has come to make a lot of sense that it is based in spirituality. I had come to see in my early adult years that the root of the problems I faced in many of my relationships, from partners to friends and family, as well as a feeling of unhappiness, was there in the way I thought and felt towards others and towards life generally. Though I came to see it stemming from within me I didn’t know how or what to do about it in a real way to change it. I had tried certain courses through my university studies to try and discover how to understand my own life, taking up psychology, sociology and even philosophy, but as interesting as they were I came away unfortunately with no better understanding of myself in terms of why I thought and felt the way that I did, and how to be truly [...]