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Belsebuub’s Searching Within Course

Searching Within was Belsebuub’s free course on self-knowledge and inner change. First published in 2001 as weekly topics that were downloadable as PDFs, it reached tens of thousands of people and improved many lives with its simple and practical approach to the exploration of spirituality.

People could join the course in one of eighteen cities across four continents where it was offered in person, or sign up for the online version of the course which had participants from dozens of countries across the globe.

Many participants in Belsebuub’s course described the positive impact it had on them. People noted how they were able to break free from harmful emotional states such as anger, anxiety, or depression, see and detach themselves from negative thoughts, achieve better states of awareness and consciousness, improve their relationships and communication with others, and begin to discover a more spiritual way of being in daily life.

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Belsebuub wrote the Searching Within course based on decades of his own personal experience.

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Course Topics

Belsebuub’s Searching Within course provided a step-by-step approach to understanding one’s own psychology. Participants learned how to observe and study their thoughts, emotions, and behavior in daily life, to gradually overcome negative inner states, and to develop greater peace and happiness. The course included a series of topics and exercises that built progressively upon each other over a nine-week period. This learning structure allowed people to gradually explore the information within their own lives, which Belsebuub states is how self-knowledge is best gained.

Week One

Self-Knowledge Course Outline
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Week Two

The Components of the Psyche
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Week Three

Wisdom and Understanding
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Week Four

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Week Five

Using Dreams to Understand Egos
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Week Six

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Week Seven

Egos of Lust
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Week Eight

Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions
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Week Nine

Order in Life
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People’s Experiences with Belsebuub’s Searching Within Course

Belsebuub’s Printed Searching Within Book

Searching Within is now a printed book by the same name, which was published in 2017. It is based upon the original course released by Belsebuub in 2001. As Belsebuub writes in its preface, the book “explains how by looking within we can learn about ourselves, and acquire the knowledge and wisdom to be able to change for the better.”1

It covers a variety of topics that were in the original course, and includes some questions and answers. Over the course of the book, Belsebuub describes the different components of the psyche, how to experience consciousness, understand inner states, and much more.

He emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge for improving one’s life, the sense of happiness and peace within, relationships, and the whole of society. He also explains how the knowledge of oneself allows someone to understand many of the answers to the big questions of life. As Belsebuub notes, “the search for who we are, for the true nature of reality, and the deeper purpose of existence, is really an inner quest.”2

Book cover for Belsebuub's Searching Within book
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