Question from a course attendee: You wrote that we may be shown esoteric symbols in the astral plane and that we should keep these secret. Could you tell me what kind of symbols you mean?

Belsebuub’s answer: These are ones that are specific to the path, which you will have more information about if you take the Astral Travel and Dreams and Esoteric Wisdom courses.

There are also teachings that are very personal and these are best kept private.

There are however things that can be experienced by anyone, for example, projecting into your room, traveling to a place that exists on earth, etc.

It’s important to use your intuition to tell which is which, and if in doubt, don’t say anything.

Question: I’m having dream after dream about my cousin being involved in an activity that is spiritually harmful. In the physical plane though, he denies doing the activity. Short of following him around (which I refuse to do), I have no way to substantiate my intuition. I sense that he’s in danger, but what can I do about it?

Belsebuub: It could be something that is not yet happening, but could happen in the future, but it could also be due to some aspect within yourself.

Whether it is happening now or not, you can only explain things to him; it is his choice what he does with the information that you give. But being a good example and answering his questions if he asks can sometimes also help.

I was in the car driving around when I saw a car up ahead parked at the side of the road, and I looked into the car and saw a guy sitting in it and I thought it was someone I knew. But when I got closer to the car and looked in at this guy it was not him, and I thought to myself he looks nothing like him, how could I have thought this was him. But as I drove on I noticed the real Patrick coming down the road on a bicycle and I just started laughing. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. What is this, intuition?

Also I’ve noticed lately that I know what people are going to say next, before they say it. I’ve always been able to do this same as the above experience, but I can’t bring it on, it just happens. I can sometimes finish entire sentences. Okay sometimes some sentences have only a few possible outcomes and perhaps that’s what is going on some of the time, but there are other times when I couldn’t know (or am I deluding myself). Is this intuition or something else?

Belsebuub: You could have picked up on waves of thoughts and emotions emitted by Patrick that travel astrally via the fifth dimension when he was getting closer to you.

It and the conversations could have some intuition in them, but they are more to do with telepathy.

Question: I spend approximately two hours in the car each day—even though I have free time at other times during day—this is the only time I can say pronunciations (OOOOOO) out loud. I obviously can’t give it my total concentration as I am driving, but I believe I did it adequately while at the same time paying attention to driving. Are there other exercises I could do while in the car?

Belsebuub: When you are in the car, it’s best to use the awareness and self-observation so that you are on what you’re doing and are practicing both of these—this will make them stronger.

If you try to do the mantra, you will divide your attention between driving and the mantra, and then the driving will be done mechanically by the motor center, wasting energy, while the mantra will not be done properly and will be ineffective because of the activity of the motor center, and because a mantra needs undivided attention.

The other reason not to do it of course is that it could be distracting and therefore dangerous while driving.


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