Searching Within was a course that made a real difference in people’s lives. The nature of the subject matter invited participants to question assumptions and to look more deeply into big questions—questions about who we really are, what happiness means, and what life is all about. Many people did this and found their perspective on life and themselves completely transformed for the better.

Participants described the powerful impact of the practices given on the course, which helped them to discover a source of spiritual peace, happiness, and awareness within that they had never imagined. People were able to see and overcome negative patterns of behavior, addictions, and crippling emotional states such as anxiety, depression, and anger. Others described being able make better and healthier life choices and to move away from situations and activities that they found to be destructive to their well-being. Many also cited an improvement in the quality of their relationships with spouses, family, co-workers, and friends, as participants were able to discover the causes of conflict within themselves and change their own behaviors for the better.

For many people, the experiences and insights gained from the Searching Within course provided a new spiritual direction and focus for their lives, as they stated it explained to them a spiritual work of great value that has become their life’s goal along with the potential for a profound inner transformation.

Below you can read some of the experiences that course participants have contributed so far. This list will be updated as new experiences are sent in. If you took the Searching Within course and would like to share your experience, please get in touch via the contact us page.

People’s Experiences