The Searching Within course by Belsebuub came at a significant point in my life, and it helped me to turn a new page and chapter in that period of my life.

This was the second course I took by Belsebuub, the first course being on astral travel and dreams. It made sense to me after the first course to continue to learn how the exploration of self-knowledge could help me positively change my psyche and my dreams during sleep, but also because I could tell that this course was setting things in a bigger overall picture where I could approach my daily life from a different perspective.

Before the course

Up until that point, I had been looking around to attend different spiritual groups and types of spiritual practices and I was getting more and more interested in meditation and experiencing the ‘supernatural/spiritual/magic‘ which is what I imagined all spiritual things to be. But none of the groups or practices I found felt or sounded right to me, and so I did not make a start with any of them.

Then I learned that a friend of mine was helping to organize courses written by Belsebuub, and that they were free of charge. All of this combined made things easier for me to decide to start attending them. But it was the actual courses and what I was learning in them that made me want to carry on with further courses and to delve more into Belsebuub’s work.

For example, I had always appreciated and been interested in psychoanalysis and how it had helped and worked for some of my friends and family members, but I never knew that I could learn about myself without a third party.

This course wasn’t just an introduction to meditation and spiritual practices but was what I had been looking for, a way to help me learn how I could change my whole life for the better in a big way. That experience and understanding while I was taking this course was personally so amazing that it was enough to keep and grow my interest in practicing what Belsebuub explains about self-knowledge year after year.

Approach to relationships

Studying this course had a positive impact on my relationships as well. The course helped me to approach my relationships in a different way where I could apply practices like self-observation and retrospection and see my motivations and the inner states behind them. The course explained a number of things about relationships, but it was the practices and the focus of the course for one week on the topic of relationships that really helped me to learn more about myself and to improve the relationships in my life.

Useful information

Apart from those practices, the Searching Within course also passed a lot of other useful information to me, which clarified things for me about different aspects of spirituality.

Before doing the course I had already heard about psychic abilities, consciousness, the inner self, the ‘observer and the observed’ and such, but everything had been mixed up, and sounded very mysterious and complicated to understand. What I had heard, thought and experienced about spirituality caused me to be quite confused about all the different terminologies, their understanding and the actual meaning of all of these concepts.

So before I started the Searching Within course I wholeheartedly decided to get some distance from this very intellectual approach and to try instead to get some silence in my very noisy mind.

Luckily the course helped me to understand in a simple and down-to-earth way a lot of things about spirituality, and my behaviors, for example about how some of my previous actions stopped me experiencing psychic faculties and more.

The understanding I gained from the Searching Within course on a intellectual level gave me some relief from the previous difficulties in my life. Then when I was able to apply what I was learning, when I applied the techniques Belsebuub explained in my life, I got even more relief from what had been troubling me up to that time, even being able to overcome some addictions I had wanted to get rid of. I was excited that finally I could do something with all that mess inside of me.

It was really “eye-opening” as the expression says.

Looking back

As this course was regularly run over the years, there were many people who passed through it and who had similar experiences to mine. Yet, very few people stayed over the years. This indicated to me that looking into oneself is not an easy thing and not something everyone decides to do long-term. Yet personally I’ve learned many fundamental things that I wish were more common knowledge, and that have helped me in a big way and given me a chance to open a new chapter in my life.

~ Fotis