Spiritual Experiences in Childhood

Growing up, I had some very interesting experiences that for a long time I could not understand.

I remember one time experiencing being very conscious while playing a game with my friends and having a clarity about my perception of watching my friends running around playing, things seemed to occur in slow motion, where I really felt that moment in a much deeper sense as if it was in high definition as I observed the game we were playing.

In my late teens an interesting event occurred where I naturally astral projected. It was a short experience but it was intriguing stuff that seemed very mystical and magical; it inspired me greatly to look for a deeper meaning to life.

I also had very lucid dreams in the astral around the time of the astral projection where I met people and saw some amazing things.

I didn’t know what these experiences were back then but those later lucid astral experiences were very inspiring and filled me full of wonder.

Developing an Interest in Spirituality

Before that I also remember my elder brother and especially his fiancée talking about spirituality, love and even that there was a universal language! I remember saying to myself what are they talking about, what is spirituality?

And ever since my late teens I had a curiosity about spirituality that didn’t go away but seemed to increase as I went into my early twenties.

During that time, I also got more interested in music and this influence exposed me to some really basic concepts of spirituality which were portrayed to certain degrees by some artists that I came across which came from the famous late 60s and 70s eras of music.

It made me wonder where were these thoughts and ideas about spirituality coming from? As this interest grew I seemed to always be talking and trying to strike up conversations about spirituality whenever I could.

Taking Steps to Learn About Spirituality

I started to go to local spiritual fares, read books and seemed to meet people along the way that were interested in spirituality as well, things just seemed to progress along in a very natural way somehow, but it was really just all talk, ideas and big concepts at the time.

In regards to my past astral experiences, I found explanations from people I met and knew to be a bit vague, and while it all seemed very interesting and I didn’t even know what I was after myself really, the information available to me seemed a bit confusing, I even tried making up my own practices which later I realized were like the concentration on the heartbeats practice Belsebuub wrote about.

As an adult, other basic supernatural experiences happened to me that I didn’t even know why or how they happened.

For example, I did not have caller ID on my phone yet there were times I just knew who was on the other end of the phone before they even spoke. I remember my workmate saying “how did you know it was me?” and I said “I don’t know how, I just knew!”

These experiences didn’t happen all the time, but were infrequent and haphazard.

I finally found my way to an esoteric school and I took courses about self-knowledge and I was lucky enough to have it explained in person by Belsebuub.

Finally Finding Answers About Spirituality

The self-knowledge information that I got from the course I took and the guidance from Belsebuub helped me to not only understand those early experiences that I had, but also why they happened and what I could do to have more of those experiences.

I started to learn many new things that I hadn’t come across before, like consciousness and how to activate it with awareness in the present moment, what the consciousness is and how to increase it and its faculties like intuition and telepathy, for example.

I started to learn about dreams and their important meanings and when I struggled with remembering dreams, I used a mantra to remember them that was also mentioned in the course.

I started to learn and see parts of my subconscious that in the course were called egos (anger, greed, hatred and so forth), and I learnt how these egos are the opposite of being spiritual (love, inner peace, compassion, etc.).

I learned about how the egos are the cause of why energetically I’m not a spiritual person and how there is a whole process to becoming a spiritual person, even though at the time I had thought of myself a spiritual person simply because of my longtime intellectual interests in the spiritual.

I learnt that there is more to acting spiritually than just thinking I’m spiritual and that I needed to do certain things to become more spiritual, to develop the consciousness and grow spiritually.

Putting into Practice All That I Was Learning

And with the new information I was learning, over time a clearer picture of spirituality started to appear to me that made sense, that had a reason behind it and was based on evidence that I could look into myself with the tools and techniques that the course gave to me.

I started to see the benefits of using consciousness in my daily work activities.

On a couple of occasions, I experienced what it was like to work while being aware in the present moment, and found that I was able to overcome my slow and rigid ways and instead was able to understand instantly what to do and then I went and did that work so much quicker than I normally did it, it was like a different me!

The amazing thing about using awareness and activating consciousness to me is the ability to understand something instantly and not be clouded by unwanted emotions or unwanted thoughts.

From Life-Changing Skills to Gaining a Purpose in Life

The self-knowledge information from the course helped me to understand topics that I had come across before, like for example concerning self-observation, but what was different was that Belsebuub could explain how to do it much more clearly, so I could easily understand what to do so I could observe my inner egos instead of getting lost in complicated explanations.

And from the observation of the egos within, I started to see how I reacted to events in my life and saw some of the egos that are very strong within me which make up and influence the way I do things and are the cause of why I do some of the things I do and have done in the past.

It has helped me to understand that there is a process to spirituality that anyone can follow, that each person has spiritual aspects to their own Being, that other dimensions do exist and how to experience these other dimensions.

The course helped me to understand how to work towards starting the internal spiritual path by learning to understand oneself and much more, but the thing that stands out to me is that trying the simple techniques of awareness of the present moment and self-observation has led to amazing experiences that had the power to change the way I perceive life and tapped into an understanding that is so much deeper than what I can assess through the mind alone.

And finally, it helped me to understand that self-knowledge is a way to unlock a very special potential that is contained within each person, and it is only a matter of learning the techniques of how to tap into that hidden potential within ourselves to access that untapped potential which the information from Belsebuub shows you how to do very clearly and easily. And what an amazing and priceless gift this has been: it has given me answers to my spiritual questions and given a deeper meaning to my life.

~ Steve F